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Why have we decided to move from Women in AI to create All In, an all inclusive group?

Like all technologies, artificial intelligence will reflect the values of its creators. In order to ensure that the field of AI is not affected by societal biases or stereotypes, it is key to have a diverse pool of practitioners.

We started our mission to make AI more inclusive by focusing on women, to reduce the gender gap in the field. For several months we have set up an organization, organized several events, had insightful discussions with many experts and influencers in the AI field, and grown our community globally.

All the while, we have realized that we could do more to ensure that AI is accessible to everyone no matter its gender, racial background, age, … However, we want to continue developing the talent of women specifically in the field by proposing a strict parity during our events.

We are aiming to empower each other in the field of AI to ensure that there is a long term positive impact. We want to inspire, create interest and curiosity around the AI field by highlighting diverse role models.

To succeed in this new mission, we will be carrying out two types of activities:

  • Running different workshops to gain knowledge on technical topics; we are designing an educational programme with a board of educational experts and conducting workshops designed for companies
  • Networking events through regular meetups to share views on various topics with a focus on real-life case studies

Stay tuned for next events’ announcement to be part of the positive change!

Iris de Villars, Kaïna Samiei, Soufya El Kharbili